A few words about us
By owning our own state of the art facilities we have total control of every aspect of the manufactureof our extensive and exiting range of wooden hangers therefore providing our customers with addedconfidence as we have the real capability to better serve both mass and niche retailing customers.
We Provide You With Top Quality Products
We Provide You With Top Quality Products
  • We focus on the individual needs of every customer.Our wooden hanger ranges are truly original and we cater every market segmentoffering all customers the world famous Mainetti style, high levels of customer serviceand exeptional value for money.
  • We has been the market leader for 5 decades and our unrivalled reputation forproducing hangers featuring the latest innovative designs and decoration techniques has been extended to our wooden products.
  • Wood is a facinating natural material wich offers endless possibilities inshapes and sizes. lf you are looking for your own personal wooden hanger wichshould fit with your image and shop interior, please do not hesitate to contact ourexperienced sales team who will be glad to assist you with individualrequirements.