About Us
By owning our own state of the art facilities we have total control of every aspect of the manufactureof our extensive and exiting range of wooden hangers therefore providing our customers with addedconfidence as we have the real capability to better serve both mass and niche retailing customers.

Many customers have expressed an interest in high quality wooden hangers but have a concern thatwooden hangers in general are not produced to the standards that they would like.Our mission is not only to produce high quality hangers at affordable prices that not only surpass ourcustomers expectations we also seek to provide all of our customers with unique innovation that onlyMainetti brings to the industry.

Our factory has been quipped with the latest technology which ensures that the lacquering and painting processes are more efficient and consistent compared with the hand-spray coating that is typicallyused by many factories.
CNEU HANGER achieves its outstanding production performance through continued investment in every aspectof the manufacturing process. Serving an industry which is dynamic and constantly evolving, CNEU HANGER iscommitted to continue to anticipate future needs and to invest in the design, equipment and facilitiesto retain our position as leader in our industry.

Good environmental practice has alwavsbeen a prime consideration in Mainetti'sdevelopment,leading us to seek practicalsolutions to limit the production of woodenwaste and environmentalpollution.

We recycle any wooden waste that is generated in the manufacturing process

We also have a commitment toproviding the highest standard ofworking conditions to our staff andtherefore.the factory has beeninstalled with a world-class Dust Extraction Unit that causes no pollution.